5 Tips to Surviving Holiday Parties

5 Tips to Surviving Holiday Parties

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us. It seems like we’re constantly hopping from one party to the next. And as we all know, indulging in all of those carb-packed appetizers, decadent desserts and flowing alcoholic drinks can easily pack on the pounds.

Instead of letting the holiday food and drink get the best of your waistline, here’s a few tips to help you enjoy yourself but still avoid unnecessary weight gain:

  1. Don’t go hungry. Not eating enough throughout the day can cause you to lose control once you get to the party. Instead, eat a protein-rich breakfast to start your day and snack on healthier options, like Greek yogurt, boiled eggs or protein bars throughout the day.
  2. Scout the food. After arriving at the party, don’t go to the first food table you see. Take time to walk around and say hello to your friends, while also seeing what food options are available. This will help you choose and balance the healthy and not-so-healthy options, and skip the foods you don’t really want. If you know you’re going to be making less than healthy choices, try the three bite rule: take three smaller bites, savor them and enjoy, and then be done.
  3. Stay hydrated. Making sure you drink plenty of water is key to surviving the holidays. Before going to a party, have a glass or two of water, this will reduce your cravings for both food and alcohol. While at the party, be sure to try and rotate a glass of water in with your alcoholic beverages.
  4. Focus on socializing. Avoid overeating by staying away from the food table. Instead, spend more time visiting and catching up with friends and family. Remember, conversations are always calorie-free!
  5. Make good choices throughout the week. Eating healthy Monday through Friday can help keep you on track. Try controlling what you can during the week by filling up on healthy foods with proper meal planning. This should help reduce the guilt if you overindulge a little on the weekend.

Remember, the holidays are meant to celebrated, but staying on track with your fitness goals gives you one more reason to spread holiday cheer!

For more tips and nutrition help, contact a nutrition specialist at Woman’s Center for Wellness. If you’re looking to make a significant change, try our Balance Program.