Setting Your New Year’s Resolution

Setting Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! 2015 is gone and 2016 is here, which means it’s a new start for you and your health and fitness goals.

For so many people, a new year’s resolution is centered on self-improvement, with weight loss being at the top of the list. The most effective way to meet your weight-loss resolution goal is to make a plan that is realistic and specific. For example, consider setting a plan to lose one or two pounds per week, or four to eight pounds by the end of the month.


You’re not going to lose 25 pounds a month, at least not in a healthy manner, so pace yourself and listen to your body.

Also, try setting a plan of action to help you meet your goal. You may chose to add 30 minutes of walking per day each week for the next month. Or, consider replacing one serving of sugary drink with water the first week, then switching your snack to a fruit or vegetable the following week.

Finally, reward yourself for your achievements with something other than food. Pick up the latest book or magazine you’ve been wanting to read, buy some new shoes or get a manicure or pedicure from the Center for Wellness’s spa.

By making just one or two changes at a time, you will be more likely to stick with it and make the change a lasting habit. A new year and a new start is here. Good luck in 2016!

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