Meet Denise: WCW Member Spotlight

Meet Denise: WCW Member Spotlight

Exercise and fitness became a part of my life fairly early on. I was a cheerleader at Southern University’s Laboratory School when I realized that in order for me to do all the required routines and cheers, I had to exercise daily. I noticed the days when I didn’t exercise, my performance was negatively impacted. As a result, I began to workout to build my stamina and endurance.

After graduating college, I had numerous physical health scares. My doctors began to prescribe me different medications and I began to get concerned. I talked to my doctors about my fears and they suggested that I incorporate a specific diet and continue to exercise, in combination with the medications, as a way to stabilize my condition. I took their advice, and once again was reminded of the impact proper diet and exercise has on the body. As a result, I continue to watch my diet and exercise multiple times a week.

I became a familiar with Woman’s Center for Wellness in 2016, after signing up for a three-month course they were offering at the time. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and my time at the fitness center, resulting in me becoming a member shortly after the course was finished. There’s just something really special about the wellness center. The facility is beautiful! It is always clean, it doesn’t smell like a gym, and all of the equipment is state-of-the-art. The atmosphere is so warm and nurturing, which I attribute to the incredible staff that is always so nice and welcoming. And of course, the other members make it a place I really enjoy being. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging!

My ideal time to exercise is in the early evening, right after work. This time allows me to work off the worries of the work day, while also allowing me to have a free evening with family and friends once I’m done. I try to exercise five times a week and stick with that schedule as much as I can. To change up my routines, I enjoy the multitude of classes that are offered each week. You can typically find me participating in the HITT, Re-Fit, Aqua-Fit, Pump, Step, Spin and PiYo classes. All of the classes are exceptional and the instructors do a great job to keep you engaged and keep you motivated.

Outside of classes, I enjoy my time with the personal trainers. All of them are excellent, each bringing a different style and technique to the way they approach fitness. I first worked with Jessica who focused on strengthening my entire body. When I worked with Brittany next, she stressed toning and shaping of my body. Now, I work with Maggie who emphasizes high intensity workouts utilizing my own body weight. All of them have helped me maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Aside from the fitness realm, I take advantage of the nutritional side of Woman’s Center for Wellness. As I stated, I have a specific diet that is important for me to follow. The nutritional staff members are outstanding! They work with me to ensure I’m meeting my body’s nutritional requirements, while also following my diet. They provide me insight into what I’m eating and how my body will use it, they help me stay accountable for the foods I do eat, and they provide me ideas for meals and snacks. They are really top-notch and can’t recommend them enough.

Woman’s Center for Wellness is a place I look forward to going to. Yes, the workouts can be tough, but the positive atmosphere and smiling faces help you power through that. The staff has helped me reach and maintain my fitness goals, and I know they can do the same for others.  I always say that fitness is about three things: personal appearance, maintaining health, and feeling good. If you’re on the fence, do yourself a favor and schedule a visit. You won’t be disappointed!