Meet Samantha, Woman’s Medical Exercise Physiologist

Meet Samantha, Woman’s Medical Exercise Physiologist

Today’s clients oftentimes suffer from a variety of medical conditions, requiring a health and fitness professional that holds a more specialized, comprehensive understanding of medical fitness. Woman’s is proud of welcome Samantha ‘Sami’ Preston to the Woman’s Center for Wellness Staff as a certified ACSM Medical Exercise Physiologist.

What is a Medical Exercise Physiologist?

A Medical Exercise Physiologist (MEP) is a medically trained and certified professional that focuses on improving the health and fitness conditions of those with different medical concerns by designing and supervising exercises for individuals with acute and chronic health disorders, including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and cancer. A MEP will asses a patient’s abilities and work with them to improve overall health and mobility by providing specific health education and exercise programming.

How does medical exercise help the patient?

Exercise is not one size fits all, especially for those affected by chronic disorders. The Medical Exercise Program is a specialized program that is created based on each individual patient’s needs and current fitness level. Using a series of tests and evaluation tools, the MEP designs a unique fitness plan that will meet the patient’s goals and needs, including building endurance and strength, and increasing flexibility and overall fitness. The main aim of a MEP is to:

  • Improve the quality and efficiency of movement
  • Reduce pain and limitations
  • Restore function to the patient so they can enjoy and/or return to a more active lifestyle

How is a Medical Exercise Physiologist different from a Personal Trainer?

While both professions use exercise to improve the health of their clients, a MEP works exclusively in healthcare and has the expertise to work with patients with specific medical conditions, diseases or chronic illnesses. A MEP is also required to possess a four-year college degree and then obtain an advanced certification through an accredited medical fitness organization.

Medical Exercise Programming at Woman’s Center for Wellness

The medical exercise program includes individual or small group training, along with programs both in the gym and in the therapy pool. The uniqueness of this program allows a variety of patients to benefit, as each program is catered to each patient’s specific needs. The program is enhanced by the recent Medical Fitness Association (MFA) accreditation of the Woman’s Center for Wellness, recognizing the facility for its professional expertise and programming to safely and effectively provide medical exercise and promote health and wellness.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 225-924-8709.