Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month

Theresa Hood, affectionately called Miss T or T by many, just celebrated her 45th anniversary working at Woman’s Hospital where she is an imaging assistant in the Breast Center. What an incredible accomplishment. During this Women’s History Month, we are excited to recognize her dedication and outstanding work. At age 86, Hood says she does not plan to stop any time soon, “I’m not ready to quit!”

Not long after her eight children were off to daycare and school, Hood, who was not used to being home alone, decided to go to work as a way of being around other people. There was only one requirement: she wanted something meaningful and purposeful to do. When an opportunity at Woman’s Hospital became available, she immediately applied. The day of her interview she went home with a job offer and has been here ever since!

Within the last four decades, Hood has had the opportunity to see the hospital grow in several ways, including adopting innovative technologies, relocating in 2011, and expanding our services. Her role has changed over the years. Originally, she started out doing clerical work and running X-ray images to the doctors. Then an opportunity became available with the opening of the Breast Center. Her favorite thing about working at Woman’s is the family-like atmosphere. In fact, in the early days, once she finished her work, she would help in other areas. If a bed needed to be made, she was happy to assist. She sees her coworkers as her children because as she says, “They treat me like their mama. It’s been a good life, it really has.”

Hood also enjoys that she gets to work with her daughter, Jamie Young, who has been at Woman’s for 32 years. Young was at the hospital so frequently visiting newborn nieces and nephews that it began to feel like home. After high school, and with her mother’s encouragement, Young volunteered in the imaging department and attended x-ray school. Now she works as an MRI technologist.

Working directly with patients, Young has found that women have started prioritizing their health and going to necessary doctors’ appointments. As a result, she is seeing an increase in cancer screenings and diagnosis in younger patients at earlier stages, rather than later in life, when the cancer might be more difficult to treat.

Believe it or not, having more than one member of a family choose to work at Woman’s Hospital is not an anomaly. Young and Hood are two of four family members who have worked at Woman’s. Not only does this make us unique, but it enriches our history. We are honored to not only serve families in our community but to also be chosen as a great workplace by generation after generation.