Finding Balance: Katie’s Story Part 2

Finding Balance: Katie’s Story Part 2

The Balance Program at Woman’s Center for Wellness has been a total game changer for me. Having tried other diets and systems to lose weight with little to show for it, I began to get frustrated. I knew I needed to make a change, I knew I needed to get healthy, but I also knew it was so difficult. I decided to make one final attempt to become healthier and registered for Balance. And I’m so glad I did!

Even now, 4 months after completing the program, I find myself still using all of the helpful tips and information that was given to me during the 12-week program. It has become my new lifestyle… it is a lifestyle! The information they give you and things they teach you are all so easy to understand and put to use. It’s honestly not a diet, but a real lifestyle change that can provide lasting results. I know it has for me.

My morning smoothies are a key part of my day. I love starting my day with something that’s not only healthy and good for me, but also easy! As a mom, mornings can get hectic, so a complicated breakfast is just not do-able. My smoothies provide me with all of the nutrition I need, while allowing me to keep it simple and quick. I like to change them up every so often, adding different fruit or protein powders, but they are still my “go to” breakfast option.

Talking about time savers, meal planning has also proven to be an important factor in my success. I’ll admit, I never thought I would become a “meal prepper,” but after finishing the program, it has become part of my routine. It is so much easier to have things set as I start a new week. It also helps keep me on track and helps reduce my want to stray with fast food or unhealthy snacks. And my kids love to see what’s on the menu for the week, too! Seeing their excitement makes it easier for me to introduce new foods to them, which I hope helps get them on a healthier path earlier on in life.

During the program, you’re given a journal to help keep track of your activity and food intake. The journal is full of great information and helps keep you accountable for the choices you make. I still continue to log all of my food in a journal. For me, this is a must! I find that it keeps me on track day to day and helps me see what I’m eating. It also helps reduce my “cheating.” I find I’m more likely to pass up a not so good option because I don’t want to write down in my journal. It’s a mental thing I guess, but it works for me!

I still continue to workout out twice a week with a personal trainer. She has been a huge part of my success! I love how much stronger I feel from my workouts. She helps me work on problem areas, keeps me motivated, and helps me improve my own workouts. The workouts I do on my own are also making a huge difference in how I look and feel! And seeing those changes help keep me motivated and wanting to do more.

As my journey to a healthier me continues, I like to remind myself why I started Balance and I like to look back on my “before” photos.  These reflections keep me focused on my long-term goals and keep me going. My 12 weeks in Balance brought me great success and getting closer to my goals, but I’ve found that even after my the program, Balance is still a part of my daily life. It has changed so much for me and I couldn’t be happier!

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