Finding Balance: Angela’s Story

Finding Balance: Angela’s Story

The following is a testimonial from Angela, who is a participant in Woman’s Balance Program:

Hey ya’ll, I’m Angela! I’m a 44-year-old full-time employee, full-time wife and mom to three very active kiddos, and on top of that, a full-time student pursuing my Master’s degree. While juggling the many different hats I wear, it’s often hard to find time to exercise and eat healthy.

I try to eat “relatively” healthy, but love my evening glass(es) of wine. I can also find every excuse in the world not to exercise even though my brain knows it’s good for me; my body often does not want to cooperate. I know we have all read the self help blogs, have seen the Facebook and Instagram posts, and read books about making time for ourselves to be a better wife, mom, employee, etc. They all make it sound so easy, but it often seems so hard. Becoming a healthier me was always something I intended to do…tomorrow. And after much internal debate, my tomorrow is here!

As a result, I recently enrolled in the Balance Program at Woman’s Center for Wellness because I straight up need some change in my life! The program at Woman’s stood out to me because it encompassed everything I was looking for. I am in need of a dietary clean-up, a trainer to really push me, and the accountability in order to make these changes stick.

After signing up, I have to say I was nervous about adding one more thing to my never ending to-do list, but am so glad I did! I’m not going to lie, it has not been easy, but after three weeks, it is proving to be well worth it. I am about a quarter way through my 12 week program, but here’s what:

Things I’m liking:

I am enjoying meeting with the wellness coaches weekly to really examine the choices I’m making in the different foods that help fuel my body. Also, believe it or not, I love my workouts with the trainer twice a week – like really love them! They are hard, but I feel so good and proud of myself both during and after my sessions.

Things I’m finding to be a challenge:

Saying no to that evening glass of wine is a challenge for sure! I have indulged on the weekends (which sometimes start on Thursday!), but each day it is getting a little less difficult. I am also finding it tough to carve out time for additional workouts outside of the two I do with the trainers. This only gets more complicated with the start of school for my kids, which usually comes first with chaos and then a sense of routine. I am counting on that sense of routine to help motivate me into making more me time and actually scheduling those additional work-outs on my calendar.

I’m excited to continue my journey and share my results with you all. Wish me luck as I work hard at finding a balance with work, family and healthier ways.