Getting Back to “Normal”: Cancer Rehab Success

Getting Back to “Normal”: Cancer Rehab Success

My journey with cancer is nothing new. As 43 year cancer survivor, I have gone through many trials and tribulations with my diagnosis; most recently, I’ve dealt with the development of stomach cancer. After undergoing treatment and chemo to treat the cancer, I found myself to be extremely weak, to the point of having difficulty walking and performing daily tasks. To combat this, my doctor recommended therapy at Woman’s Center for Wellness.

Prior to my first appointment, I was scared and nervous. I was unsure what awaited me or what I would be doing. I’ve heard of therapy and read about the benefits, but never considered it for myself. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to do what they asked of me or that I wouldn’t be able to do much of anything at all. But those fears and worries  quickly faded soon after I arrived. The ladies at the front desk were so welcoming and reassuring. They really made me feel at ease. I can say the same about my therapist, Angela! She took such good care of me and helped me rebuild the muscles I needed to get back to “normal.” She was very conscious of my concerns and we took it slow, building a little bit more each time we met. We made progress, slowly, but surely, and through that created a bond, a friendship, which made the therapy sessions seems like a lot less work and a lot more fun.

My therapy started in the gym with a focus on basic strength building. These exercises worked several different muscle groups, but held a focus on the muscles that I used most. After a few sessions, I found myself feeling stronger and more confident in my abilities to do the day to day chores I needed to do. Soon after, I transitioned to the Medical Exercise Program with Alanna. Like the rest of the staff, Alanna was a huge part of my success. She was quick to always remind me of how far I’ve come and the progress I was making to keep me motivated and working hard. Her uplifting personality was a blessing!

Following my physical therapy program, I enrolled in the Lymphedema Warm Water Exercise Class at the Wellness Center. This class was suggested to me as I had been dealing with swelling in my arms as a result of my breast removal 42 years ago. The pool class was a great transition into another realm of wellness and I noticed a difference almost instantly. The class was great and helped combat the issues I was having from the swelling.

Overall, my experience with Woman’s Center for Wellness has been exceptional. The entire staff is always so welcoming and so willing to assist you. Because of my experience and results, I decided to become a member and continue to work out and take part in classes to continue my fitness journey. I am so grateful for their help in getting me back to the woman I once was.