4 Tips to a Healthier Halloween

4 Tips to a Healthier Halloween

Halloween candy is everywhere and you may be concerned about how much is too much for you and your child.  Keeping moderation in mind, and trying these tips, you can enjoy a healthy and happy Halloween.

Sort it out.  Go through the candy your child collects and encourage her to only keep the kinds she really likes, donating the rest.  If your child needs a little push to do get rid of any at all, suggest something like a 1:3 ratio, so that for every 1 piece of candy kept, 3 will be donated.  This encourages her to be selective, and not just eat because it’s there.

Spread it out.  Set a limit of how many pieces of candy he can have each day.  You may want to allow more the first few days, and reduce the amount until it’s gone.  Encourage your child to have the candy after a meal or with a snack so that he is less likely to want to fill up on the candy.  This also makes the candy-eating a “once a day” event, not all day noshing.

Swap it out.  Think of something that would really entice your child to swap out her candy.  You could suggest a trip to the children’s museum, a movie, or a new toy for her candy stash.  If your child is not game for an all-out swap, you can consider something smaller, like a pack of stickers for 10 pieces of candy.

Balance it out.  Balance the extra sugar with healthy meals and snacks.  No need to offer dessert when there is candy around.   Also, keep the sugar out of the drinks by offering only water or milk.  Add some activity too, like a family hike or bike ride.

Finally, try to avoid any rewards or punishments involving the candy.  If you keep a low-key attitude toward Halloween candy, then likely your child will too.

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