Woman’s Mobile Mammography Coach Came to my Office

Woman’s Mobile Mammography Coach Came to my Office

I am faithful about getting my annual mammogram, especially after needing three breast biopsies in the last 10 years. Fortunately, no cancer was found, but I know that getting an early diagnosis is the best way to have a good outcome.

It was time for my annual mammogram. And then came a global health pandemic.

I have been limiting my exposure to others. I always wear a mask in public, I social distance, and of course, I wash my hands all the time. I am very cautious anytime I have to go out in public. So, when I heard the Mobile Mammography Coach was coming to my office, I was thrilled – and I’m not sure I’ve ever used the word “thrilled” when talking about getting a mammogram.

I know that most doctors have standing mammogram orders at Woman’s, but my particular doctor did not. So I contacted her and she called the order in. It was all handled effortlessly when I showed up for my appointment.

The coach showed up to my office first thing in the morning and they had appointments scheduled 30 minutes apart. There were only two techs in the large spacious coach the entire time I was there. They clean after every appointment. You even get your own pen to use to sign a few forms! The details were paid attention to. I felt my health and safety were their top concern.

My mammogram experience in the Coach was similar to the one you have at the hospital. It maintains the same level of professionalism I expect from Woman’s. The entire visit took about 20 minutes.

It was safe and easy. I’m so relieved that I was able to continue making my health my priority, just like Woman’s.