What to Do with Your Cabbage Bounty

What to Do with Your Cabbage Bounty

nolaEveryone went green this weekend as Baton Rouge and the world celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. Here locally, the Irish-inspired holiday is packed with the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and its edible throws of cabbage, potatoes and carrots.

But once you’re home, what do you do with your bountiful catches? Cabbages are excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients and can be delicious when cooked right. Check out five simple and healthy cabbage recipes below to discover quick and easy lunches and dinners for all those cabbages you caught.

Roasted Chicken Soft Tacos :: click here for recipe

Summer Coleslaw :: click here for recipe

Ground Turkey & Cabbage Stew :: click here for recipe

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls :: click here for recipe

Red Cabbage & Apple Slaw :: click here for recipe

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