Weekly Workout: Pilates Stretches

Weekly Workout: Pilates Stretches

This weekly workout is brought to you by Dawn Craig, a fitness specialist, at the Woman’s Center for Wellness.

Stretching is very important for increased flexibility, range of motion and injury prevention. By incorporating stretches into your workout routine, you can help relax your muscles and increase blow flow and nutrients to your cartilage and muscles.

Pilates and the Pilates Reformer classes offered by Woman’s Center for Wellness are a great way to enhance your stretch and flexibility. These workouts help elongate and strengthen the muscle, which can reduce bodily injury and help improve daily activities.


The mermaid offers a long, deep stretch great for enhancing the core. This simple stretch brings focus to deep breathing and aids in building those muscles associated with posture.


The plank increases core strength by engaging the abdominals and muscles wrapping the core. This exercise is great for people with back pain or who suffer from poor posture.

Pilates & Pilates Reformer Classes

Woman’s Center for Wellness is proud to offer multiple classes to help fit your busy schedule. Fore more information, click here. For complete list of available classes and promotions, click here. If you have additional questions about reformer classes or fitness in general, please call 225-924-8300 or visit with one of our friendly staff members at the front desk.