Meet Claudia: WCW Member Spotlight

Meet Claudia: WCW Member Spotlight

I never really thought much about fitness until I reached my mid 40’s. Sure, I always ate pretty healthy, and maintained a fairly good weight, but that was about it. Thinking about it seems odd, being that now fitness is a top priority in my life!

Honestly, I think I had more time to think about my health when my children got older and didn’t need so much of my attention. Also, as I got older, a big worry for me was the fact that both of my parents had heart attacks. My dad at age 59 and mom at 61. Because of this family history, my family doctor recommended that I see a cardiologist when I was 50. Talk about scary! Fortunately, all was clear and I had no problems. But, the idea of a healthy lifestyle to ensure I stay healthy came to the forefront. As a result, I started walking regularly, but not much more than that. I thought about joining a health club but never acted on it, partially because I never could find one that was right for me.

My daughter joined Woman’s Center for Wellness when she was 19.  I was 53 years old at the time, but when I heard her talking about the facility, I quickly jumped on board. I knew it was past time to take the next step in my health journey, and now I had a perfect workout buddy!

I immediately fell in love with Woman’s Center for Wellness! The trainers were so helpful and patient with me, helping me set up a workout schedule and how to properly use all of the equipment. Most recently, I’ve been working with Jessica and she is the best that I have ever worked with. She knows my limits and always finds an exercise specifically for me to help with meeting my fitness goals. But really, all of the trainers are so friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. I have been extremely grateful for their help and willingness to assist me.

A big plus for me is that it’s a women- only fitness center. I did look into other gyms but nothing really compared to Woman’s Center for Wellness! The cleanliness, great equipment, facility layout, indoor swimming pool, fitness instructors and trainers really provide no reason to look elsewhere.

Because of my great experience, exercising is at the top of my “to do” list every day. I don’t think about “if” I will work out, rather I think about “when” I will work out. Typically I work out 4 times a week, sometimes more, depending on my schedule.  Before I retired I was able to set my work hours to arrive to work at 5 AM so that I could leave work early afternoon to go directly to the Fitness Center. After retiring a year ago, I tried mornings but didn’t really care for that time of day. I’ve learned that early afternoons work best for me and that’s what I stick with. My normal routine starts with cardio then moves into several different exercises, weights and bans, and I end with some stretching.  I also like to make sure I’m able to get in the pool and get some swimming and stretching at least twice a week.

Over the past 13 years, I have had some surgeries due to arthritis in both hands, as well as a neck surgery for arthritis and degenerative disc disease. I also have low back degenerative disc disease. But I have not let my age or these health issues stop me. I have had to modify my workouts, yet still have good results with the help of the trainers. I really feel great! I have always been a little competitive and won’t give up easily. Maybe it is a result of being from a family of 8 children (lots of competition growing up in my household) and we were all very athletic and always trying to do better than each other. Ha! There are 6 of us still living and I am the only one that doesn’t have to take cholesterol lowering medication. My doctor said it is directly related to my commitment to routine exercises and wishes all his patients had great lab results like mine. What a reward for me!

Another plus for me are the Arthritis massages. Lauren at the front desk told me about the special arthritis massage grant so I took advantage of that. I try to get one every 6-8 weeks. These are awesome and leave me feeling so rejuvenated. I have constant sciatica pain and had a massage about 2 weeks ago. That pain is gone. I can hardly believe it!  The massage therapists always do a great job.

I have tried some of the classes and they were really good, but I prefer to work out on my own or occasionally with a trainer. I feel I can meet my goals better that way. The trainers are always there and so helpful in giving advice and suggestions on improving my fitness workouts. This always boosts my self confidence in reaching my personal fitness goals!

I have referred a few people to Woman’s Center for Wellness and always encourage any friends to check it out. I brag about the wonderful trainers, classes available, cleanliness, equipment and swimming pool. It’s really the best facility in Baton Rouge!