Boutique Best Buys for Mom-to-Be

Boutique Best Buys for Mom-to-Be

Preparing for and bringing home a new baby is extremely exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Friends and family are quick to chime in and offer advice on what to do and provide the never-ending list of things you’ll need. As you prepare, take a deep breath and forget that list. Rather, focus on some of the basics. The Mom & Baby Boutique at Woman’s Hospital has the essentials any mom-to-be will need. Here are a few popular and must-have items to help mom and welcome baby:

  • Breast Pumps & Pump Accessories: Here at the hospital, we believe “Breast is Best” and encourage all moms to breastfeed their babies. However, we recognize that it can be difficult to start out, and while we offer breastfeeding support, we also have a great selection of pumps and pump accessories.  There is a wide variety of Ameda, Medela and Spectra pumps and pump accessories available for purchase. And for moms who aren’t looking at investing in a pump, the Ameda Platinum Breast Pump is also available to rent through the boutique.

  • Nursing Pillow: Giver your arms and upper back a break with the help of a nursing pillow. A Boppy pillow is a common go-to for many moms. Available at the boutique, along with a variety of colorful covers. Mommy tip: Have an extra cover or two on hand for when life gets a little messy!

  • Sleep Sacks & Swaddles: Baby should always sleep on his back on a firm surface for the safest sleep. Loose blankets are a big no-no, but to keep baby warm and sleeping soundly, try a sleep sack of swaddle blanket. These products help baby feel secure, while helping encourage a deeper sleep.

  • Mom-to-Be Books: Feeling confident and prepared for baby is important for any mom-to-be. Aside from taking a prenatal class, the boutique stocks up on several top titles. These books are filled with information to ensure you’re ready for baby’s arrival and even the coming years.

  • Clothing: Before heading to the hospital, make sure you have a delivery gown that you’ll be comfortable in. While the hospital does provide one, some moms feel more comfortable in their own. Plus, you’ll be ready for all of those precious snap shots in one of our super cute patterns or prints! While you’re at the boutique picking out your gown, make sure to browse the large selection of top names in clothes for baby, too! The boutique has all the popular brands, including Feltman Brothers, Paty, Petit Ami, and more! Mommy tip: Always have an extra change of clothes for baby!

While attending Baby Grand, be sure to stop by our booth, right outside the Serendipity Gift Shop, to talk about all of the items available at the boutique. The Mom & Baby Boutique is located off the main lobby of the Physician’s Office Building at Woman’s Hospital.