Book Woman’s Mobile Mammography Coach

Book Woman’s Mobile Mammography Coach

Have you ever passed the Woman’s Hospital brightly colored bus and wondered what it is or where it’s going? Unlike most buses that bring people to different places, ours brings a very important “place” to many different people. It brings mammograms to women throughout the state.

What is the Mammo Coach?

Louisiana has one of the highest mortality rates from breast cancer, linked inpart to women’s lack of access to breast-screening services. In response, the Woman’s mobile coach brings the highest level of breast cancer detection technology to women experiencing geographic, financial and cultural barriers to proper breast care. In 2019 alone, the coach screened 4,282 women and detected 19 breast cancer.

Where does the Mammo Coach go?

The coach visits churches, workplaces, grocery stores, community centers or anywhere else they can help women in need of breast-imaging services. Last year the coach traveled to 25 different parishes throughout Louisiana!

Can I book the Mammo Coach?

Yes, and you should! 95% of breast cancer cases are treated successfully when treated early. By scheduling the coach at your business or organization, you give the women in your community access to a vital service they may not otherwise have. Booking the Woman’s Mammo Coach could not only save your life but also the lives of other mothers, sisters, friends, neighbors or co-workers.

To book the coach, call Lisa at 225-231-5658 or visit for more information.