A Day in the Life of a NICU Nurse

A Day in the Life of a NICU Nurse

Author: Elizabeth Skipper, RN

Like many people, NICU nurses punch in and punch out each day; however, the time in between differs day to day and every minute is precious for the babies, their families and us.

Some days I’m feeding sweet “grower feeders.” Other days, I am working pumps and making sure to give each of my medications safely and on time.

Some days, I am telling a parent great news of their baby finishing their first bottle or even calling to tell them it is discharge day! Other days, all I can do for a parent is find tissues for their tears and encourage them to place their hands on their fragile baby.

Some days, I might be letting a crying mother hold her infant for the first time, while other days I’m untangling IV lines to let a crying mother hold her baby for the last.

The job of a NICU nurse is not always easy, but we know our responsibility is to take the best care of our tiny patients and their sweet families. It’s very humbling to be allowed into their lives in such difficult, life-changing situations. I know God has charged NICU nurses with a special calling to care for His tiniest warriors.

I am blessed to be a NICU nurse because there aren’t many whose jobs allow them daily to hold miracles and answered prayers.

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