Winning at Exercise (even with Medical Challenges!)

Winning at Exercise (even with Medical Challenges!)

By Angela Page, PT

One of my favorite children’s fables is the “Tortoise and the Hare”. The image of health and fitness doesn’t always look the same. As in the fable, the journey won’t be the same for everyone, but we can all finish the race.

When we think of fitness, images of Drew Brees or Simone Biles may come to mind; athletes at the top of their sport. But what happens if they have an injury and can no longer zoom past us like the hare? They always seem to quickly return to their sport. 

For the rest of us that aren’t pro-athletes, an injury or illness can set us back or completely stop us in our tracks. But don’t forget, the slow and steady Tortoise wins the race. Give your body time to heal and recover, easing back into your workouts. The worst roadblock happens when the volume of activity is increased too quickly or the intensity is too high. Remember, the rabbit doesn’t win. 

I am not suggesting you take up couch surfing, rather a gradual return to activity. Adapt your exercise program and progress the exercises at the pace your body will let you move. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to push and challenge yourself, but don’t force getting back to your “normal”. It may mean bringing your mental expectations in line with your body’s physical limitations and progressing from there. Keep your eyes set on the finish line. 

Remember, exercise is not one size fits all, so what works for your friend may not work for you especially if you have different health considerations. Consider reaching out to healthcare professionals that can help teach you the right way to exercise your body. 

The Medical Exercise Program at Woman’s Center for Wellness is a specialized exercise program based on an individual’s medical needs and fitness level. All programs are supervised by an ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist. This unique program offers safe and effective exercise for clients who are transitioning out of therapy, are deconditioned to exercise or have a complicated medical history. 

Woman’s also offers small group, supervised exercise in the warm-water therapy pool, in the therapy gym and on the fitness floor. If you’re looking for one-on-one attention, medical personal training may be for you. Let the experts at Woman’s help you cross the finish line and win the race. Call 225-924-8709 or visit our website to learn more.