Treat yourself, you are worth it!

Treat yourself, you are worth it!

I was my daughter’s Girl Scout leader until she graduated. We went on A LOT of campouts. My reward for myself was to take the Monday off from work. And more importantly I booked a massage for that Monday morning after each campout. When I spent a sleepless night on a hard cot, this was the luxury I looked forward to. It was my pot of gold at the end of the Scout camp rainbow.

My daughter’s Girl Scout dad quickly learned that booking a massage for this hard-working mom was the best gift he could give me. Manis and pedis and facials were all great. But having someone massage my worries and aches and pains away will always be my favorite service at the Spa. The stone massage was the ultimate. The sensation of the warm, smooth stones on my cool skin was a sensory experience that must be felt to be believed.

I will hire a masseuse full-time when I win the lottery, but until then, I’ll treat myself at Spa Services at Woman’s Center for Wellness. This Mother’s Day, drop a big hint to your someone special or treat yourself… you’re worth it.

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