Gestational Diabetes Diary: The Home Stretch

I’m writing this one week away from my estimated due date, so no matter what, I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy. Although it’s been true since the beginning, each day brings me closer to birthing and meeting my daughter. I can’t wait!

It also means I’m in the home stretch of gestational diabetes – hallelujah! I’ve worked very hard to manage my blood glucose levels, and I didn’t miss a single test until last week. I woke up and started getting my older daughter ready for preschool and just didn’t do the fasting test. It was the weirdest thing, as I didn’t even realize the mistake until I tested two hours after breakfast and saw I was missing a number in my record book. The morning fasting test is the worst one to skip, but the sky didn’t fall and all is well. I think one missed test out of hundreds isn’t too bad, and my numbers have been so good that it isn’t really an issue. The data nerd in me is disappointed to have a less-than-perfect record!

I submit my glucose record to my doctor every week using their online portal. At my diabetes education appointment back in October, the nurse told me I could bring my records into my doctor’s office each week in person or fax them in. I live a ~20-minute drive from the hospital and my doctor’s office, so the thought of taking a full hour out of each week on top of the general annoyance of GD was laughable. And I can’t say I’ve ever used a fax machine, since I’m living in the 21st century! I’m grateful my doctor’s practice offers the online portal, which makes it easy and they can just print a clean copy of the numbers and I don’t have to worry about my sloppy handwriting or bad fax connections.

I’ve already written about the things I’m looking forward to eating after my daughter is born, but I’m also looking forward to saying farewell to some of the foods I’ve been eating and eating and eating because they’re easy and don’t spike my blood glucose. Target has these Market Pantry low-fat cheese bars that, while tasty, are losing their appeal, and I’ll be glad to stop eating 2-3 per day (usually every snack includes cheese for protein). I’ve also been eating a bowl of Special K Protein cereal with skim milk every night before bed (with a cheese bar of course!). I’m not a huge cereal eater, but it isn’t a problem to eat it. I’ll just be glad when it doesn’t feel required anymore.

Although who knows? Maybe I’ll stick with the general diabetes eating schedule and plan during my recovery and establishing nursing.

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