Tracey’s Cancer Journey Update

Tracey’s Cancer Journey Update

Hello everyone, I hope all well. This is Tracey Neldare, I’m here to give you an update of my progress since my last blog in October 2020.

I’ve had my lumpectomy and it was successful, thank God.  My recovery went well with very few complications.  I had fluid build-up in my right arm that caused some discomfort and I also experienced cording in the same arm.  Cording or AWS (Axillary Web Syndrome) is the development of scar tissue from surgery.  My fluid was removed and with a few days of physical therapy my cording was handled.

I started radiation in December and completed it on January 15, 2021.  Radiation was not bad at all, very minimal skin irritation and of course having the best nurses, Patient Registration Staff, Greeters, and Radiation Therapists ever at the Breast & Gyn Cancer Pavilion made my experience one that I will never forget.

Ringing the bell this time was very special to me for many different reasons.  Although not as eventful as my first bell ringing after chemo.  This time my husband was allowed in and was able to see the room and machine that occupied my time daily for 6 weeks.  It was a moment for just us to celebrate the end of my almost 9-month treatment for Breast Cancer alone, to reflect.

I am now cancer free and of course my treatments have ended.  I have a small cosmetic surgery coming up in about 6 months to even me out and make my breasts symmetrical.

Right now, I have mixed emotions, I am very thankful and excited that I am done with cancer.  I can move on with my life, do the everyday things I was doing prior to my diagnosis.  I want to put this entire experience behind me but never forget it at the same time (if that makes sense).

I wondered what it would be like not taking that route to the Breast & GYN Cancer Pavilion seeing all of those smiling faces greeting me as I walked in.  I have developed friendships there and will miss seeing everyone. But I am sure loving the fact that I am done!!

I’m sure there will always be a small thought way back in my mind about the cancer returning but believe me it is way back in the depths of my thoughts.

My plans moving forward include helping as many people as possible move through their diagnosis.  To be active in my community, and use my testimony to motivate, inspire and encourage.  I only thought I was living my life to it’s fullest but now I will truly live, I will truly give thanks to God daily, and I will truly not take anything for granted.

I am so very grateful, happy, and relieved that my process is over.  It is my prayer that women everywhere schedule mammograms, do self-exams, and through early detection have successful outcomes like mine.

I’ll say again, with strong Faith, a positive attitude/spirit, and a strong support team (big or small) the victory is yours.  I am victorious because of all those things.  God’s Grace and Mercy gave me those tools, I used and will continue to use them in the future for myself and others.

Thanks for reading!

Tracey received treatment at the Breast and GYN Cancer Pavilion, a partnership between Woman’s Hospital and Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center.