Top 5 Questions About a Colonoscopy

Top 5 Questions About a Colonoscopy

Drs. Ray Daugherty and Richard Byrd, Colorectal Surgeons, recently hosted a Q&A outside the Woman’s Way Café. They received a lot of really great questions, but here are the top 5:

1. What are the symptoms of colon cancer?

Often, the early stages of colon cancer has no symptoms. That is why a preventive screening, like a colonoscopy, is so important. During a colonoscopy, doctors are able to greatly lower the risk of colon cancer by removing pre-cancerous growths called “polyps” that they may find during the screening.

2. When am I supposed to have my first colonoscopy – age 45 or 50?

The latest recommendation by the American Cancer Society is to start screening colonoscopies at age 45; however, insurance companies are often slow to adapt. As doctors, we recommend age 45 only with family history of cancer, and age 50 for no family history.

3. Can men get a colonoscopy at Woman’s?

Yes, yes, yes! Men can get their colonoscopies at Woman’s and enjoy the same benefits of increased privacy and comfort. While services to men are limited, colonoscopies are one that they can take advantage of and we encourage them to do so.

4. Do I really have to drink the gallon prep?

No, not anymore! It is important to remember that every practice is different, but we use two alternate preps that are much easier for the patient. Suprep and Cleanpiq require less liquid to be consumed. The basic instructions include clear liquids the day before and start your prep the evening before your colonoscopy. There are 2 stages of drinking, but it’s much easier and is better tolerated by nearly everyone.

5. What if my doctor does not do colonoscopies at Woman’s?

You can still choose to have your colonoscopy at Woman’s by selecting a physician that does come here, and your report will be sent to your established physician. Choose from several physicians at

Having a colonoscopy is the best way to protect yourself against colorectal cancer. Schedule your colonoscopy at Woman’s, the only facility in Baton Rouge to offer the utmost privacy and comfort. Click here to learn more!