The Skinny On Using Supplements

The Skinny On Using Supplements

The following post was written by Woman’s Center for Wellness.

Strolling down the vitamin and supplement aisle at your local grocery or health store can be intimidating with so many options and varieties. Woman’s Center for Wellness answers two commonly asked questions people have when considering adding supplements to their diets.

True or False: Nutrients are best absorbed when taken in mega doses from supplements.

False: Vitamins and minerals are best absorbed when consumed from their natural state, plant and animal food sources. Mega dose supplements provide more than our bodies are able to absorb. Because vitamins are either water or fat soluble, some combination supplements can block the absorption of other vitamins. Talk with your doctor or registered dietitian before taking any vitamin or supplement in a mega dose.

True or False: It is important to incorporate supplements into your daily regimen.

True: A multivitamin should be a part of your diet. The average person does not get 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals from his or her food choices. Supplements should be used as an additional source of vitamins and minerals to your diet.

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