The Rub-Down on Prenatal Massage Therapy

The Rub-Down on Prenatal Massage Therapy

When you’re expecting, you can expect a lot of changes during the 40 weeks leading up to baby. With those changes come minor aches and pains, tense muscles and soreness, and even some changes in circulation and mobility. To help alleviate these common discomforts, Woman’s Center for Wellness offers prenatal massage.

The benefits of prenatal massage go far beyond basic pampering for mom-to-be. The gentle, noninvasive approach can ease discomfort, help prepare for labor and provide emotional support. In addition, here are a few of the other benefits:

  • Reduce anxiety and depression, which can have a negative effect on mom and baby
  • Relieve muscle aches and pains due to stretching ligaments during pregnancy
  • Regulate hormone levels that can become off balance during pregnancy and lead to complications with pregnancy
  • Reduce swelling and increases blood flow
  • Improves sleep

Woman’s Center for Wellness offers both side-lying and face-down positions for prenatal massage.  Our prenatal table offers the highest level of comfort for the expecting mom, allowing her to lie face down without putting any stress or tension on the baby.

Massage can be incorporated into routine prenatal care. We recommend receiving prenatal massages twice a month during your second and third trimester. Please discuss with your doctor before scheduling an appointment.