The Gift of Hearing

The Gift of Hearing

On May 8, 2020, a little over a month into the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashley Keenan gave birth to a healthy baby boy, John. But after birth, John did not pass his newborn hearing screening in either ear and was immediately referred to Woman’s Audiology department by his pediatrician.

Further testing revealed that John had mild to moderate hearing loss and would need hearing aids in both ears, which typically run about $3,200. With no eligible insurance benefits to help cover the care, the new mom was suddenly faced with a large financial burden and an escalating global health pandemic. 

“Having a baby during the pandemic was really stressful and I also never had a baby with hearing loss” Ashley explains. “But the staff at Woman’s walked us through the entire process and made us feel comfortable.”

However, Woman’s team went a step further than that. Each year Woman’s employees come together and raise funds to provide critical support to patients, their families, and co-workers in difficult circumstances, like this one. And thanks to that Employee Giving campaign, John was given the gift of hearing on August 31.

“Helping us with the financial burden of having to buy hearing aids especially during a pandemic when a lot of people are struggling financially meant a lot” Ashley said. 

“I feel like they go above and beyond. They don’t treat you like another number. They make things personable and you can tell they truly care.”

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