Screening mammogram in a COVID-19 world

Screening mammogram in a COVID-19 world

It was time for my annual mammogram screening – in COVID world. I am in my mid-30’s, but had a suspicious lump a year ago so now I get mammograms every year (lucky me). Mammograms always make me a little nervous anyway, but in a COVID world even more so. When I was told I would be wearing a mask and my technician would be wearing one also – that eased some concerns because a mammogram is an up-close-and-personal screening.

After the screening process at the front door, there were floor signs where to stand (common signage now), but what really impressed me was before I approached the desk to sign in someone cleaned the counter. The extra step in cleaning was nice!

The chairs were socially distanced, but I literally only sat down for 2 minutes before they called me. After I changed into a gown, the masked mammo tech brought me into the room, washed her hands and then cleaned the equipment in front of me (another nice touch).

If you’ve ever had a mammogram, you know it’s a lot of positioning and holding your breath. Honestly, it really wasn’t that bad in a mask and the machine makes you feel like you have an extra buffer between the technician.

I’m glad I did it and now it’s one less thing to worry about my health. Get your mammogram ladies, breast cancer is not something you need to risk in a COVID world.

BTW – my results were good news – all clear!