Rhonda’s Cancer Rehab

Rhonda’s Cancer Rehab

A cancer diagnosis is a lot to handle, and sometimes the lifesaving treatments that follow can be just as difficult. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, while necessary, often cause medical problems that interfere with a patient’s daily function.

This is something Rhonda, a breast cancer patient, is all too familiar with. 

Rhonda was diagnosed in March and underwent surgery soon after. Following her breast surgery, she began noticing significant fatigue, aching and negative mood shifts. She found that simple motions, like lifting her arm past shoulder level and getting out of bed were no longer doable.

While Rhonda was aware of Woman’s Cancer Rehab Program, she kept coming up with excuses of why she couldn’t go. However, she eventually convinced herself it was something she needed.  After just three weeks of therapy, Rhonda was able to raise her arm overhead easily and get out of bed independently again. The majority of her pain was basically resolved!

“Cancer rehab has helped me in more ways than one,” Rhonda said. “It helped my mind, my body and gave me a new energy I didn’t know I had.”

And that’s just the beginning of Rhonda’s story. She continues to make steady progress and is constantly getting stronger and slowly returning to her regular activities. More importantly, Rhonda feels much more ready to tackle the rest of the cancer journey ahead of her.

“I’m extremely thankful for my physical therapy team at Woman’s,” Rhonda said. “They have been a great help in my fight against breast cancer.”

Woman’s Cancer Rehabilitation Program is designed to specifically help survivors physically and emotionally heal from the side-effects of cancer treatment. Whether you are beginning treatment, finished with treatment, or experiencing late effects or unresolved issues from long-ago treatment, this program can help. Call 225-924-8311 or visit our website to learn more.