Meet the Author: Elizabeth Howard Kline

Meet the Author: Elizabeth Howard Kline

To celebrate its 50th birthday, Woman’s released a hardcover children’s book, “The Very Best Birth Day.” The book was written by employee Elizabeth Howard Kline, and here’s some insight into how she came up with this special story that is sure to delight Woman’s families for generations to come.

It all started with a rhyme…

I’ve always been inspired by children’s books that rhyme. I loved them when I was a child and continue to delight in them as an adult. Several years ago, I was working as a nanny in New York City and I read books to the children every night before bed. They loved Shel Silverstein and any silly story or poem that rhymed. Along the way, I started writing short stories about their cat, Tabby, who we imagined sneaking out at night to explore the city. This always made them laugh and I discovered I had a knack for sharing stories through the art of rhyme.

I have always enjoyed dabbling with personal writing projects, so when the idea for a children’s book to commemorate Woman’s 50th birthday came up, I was excited to throw my name in the hat. With support from the talented Marketing Department, Mama Goose was born (no pun intended).

I grew up in Charlotte, NC, but we made the drive to Baton Rouge every summer to visit family. I remember visiting LSU, the Old State Capitol and driving through Spanish Town. Baton Rouge has changed and expanded a lot over the years, but the landmarks in the book remain a big part of the city’s history. Woman’s Hospital falls beautifully into its own historical category because while medicine and technology have advanced, the mission of Woman’s has stayed the same. When I talk to families who have lived in Baton Rouge their whole lives, Woman’s is often a part of their personal history. I believe Woman’s Hospital is a real treasure to the Capital Region and one we should all be very proud of.

It was a dream come true to see the book in print. Tilt, who did the illustrations, brought Mama Goose and the other characters to life in such a magical way. I love hearing feedback from new mothers who receive the book and have a special keepsake from their time at Woman’s. The book is also meaningful to me because proceeds from the sale go back to the Foundation for Woman’s. I started work as the Philanthropy Officer in February 2018 and I’m able to witness firsthand how donations impact the programs and services we support. There are ongoing programs, such as the Human Donor Milk Program, NICU Family Support and Care for Survivors of Sexual Assault that wouldn’t be able to operate without the contributions from the Foundation.

A gift that gives back is the best gift indeed and I’m glad to share my part

In spreading the word about a wonderful place that’s very close to my heart.

Mama Goose became quite clear about where to make her nest,

Without a doubt, she made the right choice. Woman’s is the BEST!

I am grateful to everyone who helped me bring my little story to life. Thank you for supporting the great things happening at Woman’s!

Books are available for purchase in Woman’s gift shop for $19.95, and proceeds will be reinvested into the Foundation for Woman’s. Books will be available in all libraries in East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, West Feliciana, Livingston and Ascension Parishes.