Massage in the Time of the Pandemic

Massage in the Time of the Pandemic

I can only burn the candle at both ends for so long before it catches up to me. It caught me in June 2020! Self-care is something I have always tried to fit into my schedule; whether it’s a yoga class, a spa service or hanging out with friends and family. But since coronavirus, I limit my contact with others and keep a social distance when I do.

My number one go-to remedy when I start feeling rundown is to get a massage. Before coronavirus I would try to have a massage at least every other month, but it had been four, long, months since my last massage. No wonder I felt drained.

It was time to book that long overdue spa service, but everything had changed so much in Baton Rouge and my priorities had also changed. I still wanted a good massage, but now I also had new concerns about the spa environment with coronavirus. The one place I knew I would feel comfortable having a spa service was at Woman’s Hospital’s Day Spa. Having had massages there before, I knew that they operated under hospital guidelines of safety and cleaning. I called to see if they had any appointments available and if they had implemented any additional safety protocols during this time. They did not disappoint.

I was able to schedule a massage for the following day and I was thrilled that they were able to accommodate my after-work request. I was able to prepay for my service over the phone. I arrived at the Woman’s Center for Wellness and called the spa staff to let them know that I had arrived for my service. They instructed me to enter in through an entrance only accessible to spa clients and employees. A spa staff member greeted me at the spa entrance wearing a mask, along with all the other individuals during my visit. They took my temperature and asked me some screening questions. Then my massage therapist, Katie, escorted me to my private spa room. We went over my pre-filled out intake forms and together we discussed what type of massage she was going to provide.

The lights dimmed in the room. The massage began. I reminded myself to just let go. I was finally able to really relax and enjoy the healing power of Katie’s amazing massage technique. I was able to release all the stress in my life and enjoy some much-needed self-care. I didn’t realize how bad I was actually feeling until I left my massage feeling like a new woman. I appreciate all the extra steps Woman’s Day Spa took to make me feel safe and pampered.