Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training

Whether you’re at home or on the go, Woman’s Fitness offers a virtual personal training program, tailored to you. You can join as an individual or as a group with multiple friends.

Learn how virtual personal training works and what you can expect:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join a session for free as a trial run?

While we don’t offer a free workout session, we will schedule a 10-15 minute session to make sure the connection is clear so you can see how it all works before your first training session.

Are there packages available to purchase?

We have packages for both members and non-members, individuals and groups.

How soon can I start training after I sign up?

You can start your training as soon as you’re signed up.

If I’m in a group training class and I miss a day, will I be charged like normal?

You will be charged like normal if you miss a group training class. The group package is based on all the participants training together.

Does virtual personal training unfreeze my membership?

No, virtual training does not unfreeze your membership. If you have virtual sessions left when you unfreeze your membership then we will credit the remaining balance of your sessions to your account so you can use them towards your next training package.

What if I do not have any exercise equipment at my house?

Even without traditional equipment you can still get a great workout using not only body weight, but even incorporating household items, like a sturdy chair, water bottles, or a Swiffer cleaner! The workouts can be more or less challenging by increasing or decreasing the number of reps or sets of each exercise. You can even slow the tempo of the exercise or switch up the workout. Your trainer will assess your space and what you have access to and design a great workout for you.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say:

“My two friends and I are virtually exercising together. Our spirits are high! Our classes are live and interactive.” -Margaret

“Unlike pre-recorded exercise classes, virtual training allows our trainer, Dawn, to watch us in real-time to ensure that we are using the correct form, which is most important to me because of my issues with arthritis.” -Schuyler

“We are able to exercise in the safety of our own home and continue to progress physically under the guidance of a certified trainer.” -Mary


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