Julie’s Oncology Massage Testimony

Julie’s Oncology Massage Testimony

After undergoing cancer treatment, Julie Chenier began to experience limited range of motion and a constant “fullness” feeling under her arm. Her plastic surgeon recommended a small procedure or deep tissue massage to help loosen the underarm and breast area. Hoping to avoid more surgery, Julie began searching the internet to find a place specializing in oncology massages- which is when she found Woman’s Center for Wellness. Here is what she has to say about the program:

The program has been amazing. In just one month, I feel more flexible, very little fullness, and determined that what I thought was all an arm and shoulder issue also included some of the shoulder blade area. We are working on all the different body parts that are associated and I am feeling that with more time, I will be able to avoid more surgery in the area. I will see the doctor in another month and look forward to the indication of vast improvement.

There are so many things I have enjoyed about my experience at Woman’s Center for Wellness. I enjoy the courtesy of the employees, the attentiveness to the specific issues that I brought into the situation and the serene atmosphere. I love the timeliness of appointments and I can’t say enough about Katie, my therapist. She is knowledgeable, listens to me and discusses why she is doing different things. I always feel relaxed and very flexible after treatments and go home with activity for me to continue to have the best outcomes. 

I love massages but was very wary of having just anyone perform them; especially after my cancer diagnosis, chemo treatment and surgeries. I needed someone that had a clear understanding of what the body goes through and what a good pathway to complete recovery could be. I am completely satisfied with the environment and services. While I know my initial goal was success for my next doctor appointment, I’m definitely going to continue with routine messages because I now realize the impact that they will have on relieving the stress of everyday activities. I often moved around thinking that I was flexible and tone. I strongly believe that anyone can use the therapy because so many of us work and desks and severely underestimate the lack of movement and overall impact on our healthy movements. 

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