Is Your Baby Ready for the Holidays?

Is Your Baby Ready for the Holidays?

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, there will be plenty of solid foods being passed around the dinner table.  One common curiosity around this time is knowing when to start and if your little one is ready to begin with solids.  Don’t fret, we are here to help!

AAP Recommendations

  • Introduce solid foods around 6 months of age
    • Expose baby to a wide variety of healthy foods
    • Also offer a variety of textures
  • After 9 months, offer 2-3 healthy and nutritious snacks per day
    • Maintain fruit and vegetable consumption after finger foods are introduced
  • ​Babies are encouraged to use spoons and fingers to feed themselves
  • Babies are encouraged to drink from a cup starting at 6 months of age

What if my baby doesn’t like solids?

  • Don’t get discouraged – it takes multiple opportunities and experiences for some babies
  • Consider changing your approach
  • Try taking the pressure off of mealtime – allow baby to play with food

How do I know if my child needs therapy?

  • Eats fewer than 30 foods
  • Is extremely selective about which foods he will eat – types of food, colors of food, can even be picky about brand, packaging, etc
  • Repeatedly gags or vomits when eating
  • Consistently coughs when eating
  • Consistently cries or has a strong adverse response to the presentation of food
  • Consistently avoids entire food groups
  • Difficulty biting, chewing, swallowing, or drinking
  • Needs a daily nutritional supplement such as PediaSure to obtain adequate nutrition