Handwriting Therapy

Handwriting Therapy

Have you noticed your child’s handwriting is messy or illegible? Has your child’s teacher complained that they can’t read their handwriting? Here are some signs that your child may be struggling with handwriting:

  1. Struggles to hold a pencil correctly
  2. Has messy, slow, or laborious drawing, coloring, or writing
  3. Demonstrates awkward or incorrect letter formation
  4. Gets tired quickly while writing or coloring
  5. Applies inappropriate pressure on paper when writing (either too heavy or too light)
  6. Is unable to keep letters on the line
  7. Fails to stabilize the paper with their non-dominant hand
  8. Slumps at the table

Woman’s occupational therapists are trained to assess the skills necessary for efficient and fluid handwriting. Through standardized assessments and observation, the therapist will be able to identify areas of weakness and strength to reveal the source of your child’s difficulty with handwriting.

Following an assessment, your child will be treated one-on-one and will be given a home exercise program to ensure success. The training focuses on enhancing fine motor and gross motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, letter formation, spacing and more.

To register your child for a handwriting assessment, call Woman’s Center for Wellness at 225-924-8450.