Finding Love – and Staying Healthy – This Valentine’s Day

Finding Love – and Staying Healthy – This Valentine’s Day

Who needs another box of chocolates? Celebrating a healthy and nutritious Valentine’s Day requires a little bit of change and creativity, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the day with your special sweetheart.

While you should skip that box of sweets or a night on the town eating a calorie-laden meal, check out a couple of suggestions to have your figurative cake and eat it, too.

Pack a Picnic

If the weather allows – and Baton Rouge weather has been anything but predictable this past month – skip the crowded and overpriced restaurant and pack a nutritious picnic meal in the fresh air. Not only will you have control over what you are consuming, but you and your loved one may be able to enjoy a more intimate setting than a busy restaurant.

Make Dessert

Yes, you heard that right. Even while you are focused on avoiding high-sugar, high-calorie treats, there are plenty of healthy dessert options out there. Browse the Internet for tasty treats that satisfy your sweet tooth but don’t sabotage your goals. Aim for desserts that incorporate fresh fruits and lower-sugar options.

Go Dancing

Getting out on the dance floor is an excellent form of exercise and can bring you closer to your special Valentine. Move your hips and break a sweat while having some fun!

Get a Massage

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so show your body some love this year. Your body works hard at the gym and throughout the normal day, so pamper it. Massages are a great way to treat yourself and your sweetheart. Enjoy a couple’s massage, foot massage or a quiet, relaxing massage.

Do Absolutely Nothing

In a time where we’re all rushing, a day (heck, even an hour) of doing absolutely nothing is an indulgence! Give yourself the go-ahead to lounge on the couch, light some relaxation candles, watch a movie on Netflix and enjoy some quiet time. You’ve earned it!

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