Fight the Flu with Woman’s New Immunization Program

Fight the Flu with Woman’s New Immunization Program

By Woman’s Retail Pharmacy Manager, Richard Bordelon

Did you know that in 2022 Woman’s Retail Pharmacy was remodeled to create a space that would accommodate the community’s need for immunizations? The Retail Pharmacy moved into their new space in January 2023 and opened a new Immunization Program on October 1. 

Who does this Immunization Program serve? 

The Immunization Program is open to adults 19 years of age or older. Patients who are prescribed an immunization during their appointment at Woman’s Hospital can get their immunization in-house while they are on campus. The clinic is also open to the public and accepts walk-ins. 

Do I need a prescription to get an immunization? 

Many vaccines do not require a prescription from your doctor and Woman’s pharmacists can write prescriptions on site. To expedite the process, you may want to ask your provider to send the vaccine request to the Retail Pharmacy ahead of time, so everything is ready when you arrive. 

What immunizations does this clinic provide? 

The clinic offers many vaccines including influenza, shingles, HPV, RSV, Hep A & B, and more.  

Is there a fee for immunizations from the Retail Pharmacy? 

99% of immunizations are covered by the patient’s prescription insurance. Sometimes there will be a copay but most insurance plans usually cover the vaccines at a $0 copay to encourage their members to get vaccinated.  

When and where can I go for an immunization? 

The Retail Pharmacy Immunization Program is open 9 AM – 4 PM Monday through Friday at entrance 6 in Woman’s Support Services Building. Visitor parking is available along the front of the building.