A Supposedly Fun Thing (or Why Movie Tavern & Gestational Diabetes Do Not Mix)

A Supposedly Fun Thing (or Why Movie Tavern & Gestational Diabetes Do Not Mix)

Date nights are rare in my house. We’ve never taken the time to find a regular babysitter, and our families live more than a day’s drive away. So when we have family stay with us we take advantage and sneak away for dinner and a movie. Since the new Movie Tavern opened near our house we decided after Christmas to check it out while my mom and sister were in town and willing to watch our daughter for the evening. We saw this Star Wars movie everyone was talking about.

We picked a 7:10 p.m. showing. It’s an hour after my normal dinner time, but I ate a late snack and figured I would be OK if I could eat around then. Of course that’s not how things go.

We arrived about 30 minutes before show time, thinking we could be seated and place our order to be eating when the movie began. Nope. They weren’t letting people into the theater yet, so we stood with about half of Baton Rouge waiting. I’m not a patient person in the best of circumstances, but when hungry it can get ugly. In the end they didn’t let us in until 7:15, i.e. after the movie was scheduled to begin.

Ordering food proved another challenge since we had to wait some more after we were seated. We’d checked out the menu while we waited (and waited and waited), and I thought if I didn’t eat all the bun a burger would be OK. But I didn’t factor in the “appetizer” nachos or the fries. I definitely didn’t think I could eat a salad in the dark, although a big salad with protein is my go to restaurant order these days. Not as tasty as a regular restaurant meal, but I still enjoy the break from cooking and cleaning!

It took another 20 minutes or so before we got any food or drinks, so it was nearly 8 p.m. when I finally ate dinner. That’s when I usually have my bedtime snack, so my body was very confused. I’m not the most active person, but I do move around the house a bit after meals. But after eating this dinner I stayed still to watch the movie – and with my feet up to boot! I will give the Movie Tavern that – their seats are comfortable.

When I tested a couple hours after eating, my blood glucose reading was the highest it had ever been and definitely above the 120 limit. The worst part? The dinner wasn’t even “worth it” or that good! The burger was meh and the fries, which I ate only part of, were cold and gross. The chips and cheese appetizer wasn’t great either, so I didn’t eat much of it, or at least I thought. I was so hungry by the time we got food who knows how much I really ate (it’s also hard to tell in the dark). I’d much rather have had a high reading after eating some delicious homemade Christmas cookies or pumpkin pie!

In retrospect I would eat BEFORE going to the movie and just enjoy the comfy seats and the movie or I’d pick a much earlier movie time, wear a bib and try to eat a salad in the dark. In all likelihood I won’t be pregnant the next time I go to a movie in a theater, so my dietary restrictions should be loosened up quite a bit by then.

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