8 Golden Nutrition Rules to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

The following post was written by Nutrition Services at Woman’s Center for Wellness.

rule“Treat others as you would like to be treated” is the Golden Rule we all know, but we at Woman’s Center for Wellness put together a set of golden rules when it comes to nutrition and staying healthy.

Check out our eight suggestions below, and contact Woman’s Center for Wellness if you’re looking for help to improve your health and nutrition.

1. Limit sugar, sodium and saturated fats.

Diets high in these three nutrients typically contribute to obesity, fatigue and poor health. Reduce the three S’s as much as possible. Avoid foods with added sugar, stop using seasonings with added salt, and avoid animal fats such as bacon and dairy fats.

2. Portion Distortion.

When in doubt, stick with a 1/2 cup serving. Review proper portions and be aware when eating out. Use the Plate Method when needed.

3. No more happy plates!

Stop telling yourself you have to clean your plate. Listen to your stomach (not your eyes) and stop when you are satisfied.

4. Don’t forget the veggies!

Incorporate veggies at lunch, dinner and one snack every day. Make veggies more convenient by pre-cutting and positioning at eye-level in the refrigerator.

5. Always add protein.

Sneak in an additional protein every chance you get. Eat four to six ounces of protein at every meal. Add protein to snacks (peanut butter, 2% cheeses, low-fat dairy, soy nuts and other snack foods with added protein).

6. Exercise Plan.

You have to move to lose! And move to build strength and increase flexibility. Consult our trainers for help developing a plan.

7. Stay Hydrated.

Avoid large amounts of caffeine and diet sodas. Water is always the best choice. Follow your recommenced fluid intake guidelines.

8. Live It! Don’t diet!

Create a healthy lifestyle. Don’t consider these changes temporary or for the moment. These changes are meant to last and meant to help you obtain a healthier life.

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