10 Q&As with Woman’s New CEO

How long have you been in healthcare?

26 years. My first job in healthcare was a nursing assistant. So every job I have had I always remember taking care of a patient and being at the bedside and everything I have done has been through that lens. I have been in patient care operations, revenue cycle, strategy, built hospitals, and grown markets. I’ve done a little bit of just about everything!

Did you ever envision this type of career?

It was important for me to go into a business where I affected someone else’s life positively. Early in my education I knew I wanted to go into healthcare, I just didn’t know in what capacity. Through a couple of different experiences, I ended up in an administrative role where I was able to touch and affect all the parts of healthcare, not just one specific area, which was really neat. So it’s really come full circle to lead this type of organization.

What kind of leader are you?

My leadership style is that you should treat every person like you want to be treated. That includes patients, to colleagues, board members, physicians, anyone you interact with. I lead by example. I lead from the front. I will be out and about. I don’t like sitting behind a desk. You will see a lot of me. 

What can we find in your office?

A lot of LSU memorabilia. I am a big LSU fan. Having spent almost two decades in Baton Rouge, I have many great memories in Alex Box and Tiger Stadium. 

Do you have any children?

Yes, my wife and I have three sons who were actually all born here at Woman’s Hospital. My first two boys were born at the old Woman’s Hospital. When we got pregnant with our third child, we were living outside of Baton Rouge, but my wife said “If you think we are not going back to Woman’s Hospital, you have lost your mind.” So the decision was made and we delivered our last child here at the new campus. My kids are now 12, 10 and 5 and there is not a quiet one in the bunch.

What do you do for fun?

Fishing. I grew up on the coast so by nature I love to fish and be outdoors. I also love any and all sporting events. I like golfing too – I am not very good but like being out and enjoying other people’s company. 

What’s your favorite sport?

Football. Baseball is a close second. 

Favorite place to travel?

Florida. I like to spend time at the beach. I also like to spend time fishing at different locations. I spend a lot of time in Grand Isle. We also like to go on ski trips during the winter. I am not good but my kids love it. We are actually trying to touch every state with our boys and are a little over halfway there!

Favorite movie?

I love all of the Marvel Series. I am also okay saying I love all the Star Wars series. 

What are you most looking forward to about being the CEO of Woman’s Hospital?

Woman’s Hospital is legendary, I’ve experienced that myself. What I can only hope to do is to continue that legacy that’s been here since 1968 and grow it and make it better every day. The legacy we have here is something that needs to be solidified and carried well into the future.