Women Choose Woman’s: Shuntell’s Story

Women Choose Woman’s: Shuntell’s Story

I had noticed that one of my breasts began to take on a very unfamiliar shape, with one becoming much bigger than the other. I knew something wasn’t right so I began to feel around and that’s when I found a lump. I immediately called my aunt, who is a nurse, and she advised me to seek medical attention.

I was referred to Woman’s Hospital for a mammogram and biopsy. When the results came back, the doctors diagnosed me with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, an aggressive type of breast cancer that lacks three receptors known to fuel similar types of cancer.

I was completely devastated! Having recently gone through a family tragedy, I was beside myself trying to find the words to explain this to my loved ones. Luckily the staff at Woman’s was there for me. They provided me resources that not only helped me, but also helped my family.

Having two young children, I knew I had to stay strong and fight to get back to my regular duties as a mom. Because of the staff at Woman’s, I was able to do just that! The doctors and nurses provided me with the very best care, holding my hand and making sure I was properly cared for. From the beginning they were there for me, and they are still there for me as I continue my journey into survivorship.

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