Woman’s Hospital Named One of the Healthiest Companies in America

Woman’s Hospital Named One of the Healthiest Companies in America

Interactive Health, a provider of workplace wellness programs, has recognized Woman’s Hospital as one of the 154 healthiest companies in America for helping its employees make significant and sometimes lifesaving changes to improve their health.

More than 70 percent of Woman’s employees enrolled in Woman’s health plan participate in Interactive Health’s workplace wellness program. Based on lab work results, participants received a low-risk health score based on thorough health evaluations to identify the following modifiable risk factors: smoking, glucose, blood pressure, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol – all of which are potential causes of series health conditions.

When an employee is identified as being at-risk, Interactive Health immediately intervenes with a personalized action plan, including coaching with health professionals and personal physicians. The employee is assigned an achievable goal based on his or her individual results, and health improvements are subsequently measured. Of those Woman’s employees who were determined to be at-risk based on their previous health evaluation:

  • 95% improved blood pressure
  • 77% improved LDL cholesterol
  • 67% improved triglycerides
  • 64% improved glucose level
  • 30% improved smoking

“Woman’s is committed to improving the health of our community, including our employees,” said Donna Bodin, Woman’s Vice President of Employee Services. “Achieving recognition as one of the Healthiest Companies in America demonstrates how employee health is a vital part of our organizational culture.”

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