“Think Outside the Box”

“Think Outside the Box”

Martin Albores, Woman’s Hospital Director of Facilities Management

Long-time Woman’s employee Martin Albores was recently promoted to director of Facilities Management. He takes the reins from current facilities director Tommy Gautreau, who is retiring in 2021 after 31 years of service at Woman’s. 

Martin was first hired as an assistant supervisor of maintenance in 2007 and has been part of several major facilities projects, including the move to the new hospital campus in 2012. Today, he shares what brought him to Woman’s, what’s kept him engaged in his time here, and advice for others looking for a career in facilities management.

What made you interested in a job at Woman’s Hospital?

My wife is a nurse and she was displaced after Hurricane Katrina. She was unable to return home for a few months so she began working at Woman’s on the Mother/Baby unit. She enjoyed it and we eventually moved to Prairieville. My wife loved the hospital and recommended I work there as well. Woman’s has a great reputation in the community for patient care and also as a great place to work.

What makes Woman’s a great place to work?

I feel that Woman’s has always taken care of me as an employee. My coworkers have become my family. I enjoy working together to ensure the care of mothers and babies in our community.

What are some of the most important things you’ve learned during your career at Woman’s?

I have been at Woman’s for the last 13 years, which is the majority of my career. I have learned how to keep our hospital facilities operating safely and consistently to ensure a safe environment for our patients and staff. I have been through 13 years worth of hurricanes, floods, and even moving to an entirely new facility while here at Woman’s. I have also been able to grow and develop my leadership abilities by being surrounded by great leaders and role models. I have been directly involved with our last two Joint Commission surveys which were very successful.

Who have been your mentors and how have they helped prepare you for your new role?

When I first interviewed at Woman’s, the Director of Facilities, Tommy Gautreau, told me he was looking for someone that could fill his role one day. He also told me he wanted to be my coach and not my boss. From that day on he has mentored me and helped me develop into the role I am in now today. Richard Oswald has also helped me out immensely with learning policies, procedures, and NFPA codes. Both Tommy and Richard have taught me how important it is to get involved with our professional organizations, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering, in order to continue my professional development. Tommy Gautreau, Richard Oswald, as well as Bobby Gilly have also demonstrated such dedication and loyalty to Woman’s Hospital which has continually motivated me throughout the last 13 years.

What are you most looking forward to about being a director at Woman’s?

Being director at Woman’s has been a dream of mine since I began working here. I look forward to continuing to ensure a safe environment for our employees so that they may continue to provide the best care to the women and children of our community.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their career?

A career in facilities management is both challenging and rewarding. I would advise them to learn as much as they can from their leaders and listen to their advice. Continue to challenge yourself and be the one to do the tasks that others will not do. Get involved in the local chapter of ASHE which is the Louisiana Society for Healthcare Facilities Management. Always strive to do your best and when things seem impossible, think outside of the box.


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