Save Your Skin from Frightening Makeup

Save Your Skin from Frightening Makeup

Halloween is the perfect excuse to be daring and use makeup to create some really dramatic looks, but it can take a bit of work to get your skin back on track. Here are a few pointers to keep your skin from turning into a nightmare the morning after Halloween.

Bye Bye Embellishments: Start off by removing any embellishments like rhinestones, sequins or anything that required you to glue it on your face. Makeup removers won’t slide between them and will prevent you from getting a thorough cleanse later. When removing, be careful not to dig with your fingernails, which can cause scratches or scars. Use a Q-tip and special remover as needed.

Soften it up: Most Halloween makeup contains various oils, waxes, pigments or silicones that allow it to last longer, but can make it trickier to remove. Soften the makeup by using an oil-based cleanser. This type of cleanser will better break down the long-wear cosmetics while leaving your skin feeling and looking fresher. With dry hands, use your fingertips to massage the cleanser onto your skin, be sure to rub it over your eyes, lips and other places you applied make up.

Rinse and Repeat: Don’t reach for a washcloth yet! Splash lots of water on your face, continuing to massage the cleanser in as you go. Many oil-based cleansers are water-activated, meaning they will form a creamy lather as your makeup starts to dissolve. Continue to rinse until the water looks clear. Pat dry with a washcloth.

Eye Time: If you still have any mascara or other eye makeup remaining, remove it by saturating a soft cotton pad with waterproof makeup remover and holding it on your eye for about five seconds. Don’t drag or smudge the pad, hold it down to allow the remover time to break down the makeup. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Tough-To-Get Spots: At this point, the majority of your makeup should be gone, but you may still have some residue around those tough-to-get spots, like your hairline. Use a simple cleanser or mineral cleansing water to remove the remaining makeup. Apply using a cotton pad for easier scrubbing and better results.

Moisturize: Last but certainly not least, be sure to put a moisturizer on your skin. Reduce the stress on your skin by finding a moisturizer that doesn’t contain any retinols or exfoliating ingredients. The moisturizer will help restore your skin while leaving it feeling soft.

While there are a quite a few steps, the whole process should only take five to ten minutes. And trust us, your skin will thank you in the morning!

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