Mommy Review: Woman’s Pregnancy App

Mommy Review: Woman’s Pregnancy App

Having a four year old and a baby on the way, it can go without saying that my life is crazy busy. And like many other moms out there, my phone has become my lifeline that keeps me on track and reminds me of things when my “mom brain” gets the best of me (which happens more often than I’d like to admit). Scrolling through my phone, it seemed like I had a different app for everything, one for tracking my pregnancy weight and activity, one for counting kicks, another for timing contractions, and an app for after baby to keep track of feedings and diaper changes. My notes app was packed with lists on top of lists of things I needed to do, things I needed to get, and things I shouldn’t forget. And while my phone was full of things to help me, it was always low on storage because of it.

During my pregnancy, I was asked to test the new Woman’s Pregnancy app and I can honestly say that it is a total game changer. This app is a one stop shop filled with information that helps keep my mom game strong without the hassle of having to toggle back and forth between different apps. And best of all, without all the other apps, I had more storage for the incessant photos that I take of my kiddos.

My favorite part of the app is the Week by Week feature, which provides key information about baby accompanied by beautiful images that show how baby is growing and a fruit comparison of how big baby is. My weekly updates soon turned into a family event, as my husband liked knowing what to expect and our son loved knowing what fruit or veggie the baby was that week. I really enjoyed having the to-do lists and FAQ’s associated with each week. I am super Type A and tend to use lists to keep myself organized, so having those readily available was amazing!

Another feature I utilized regularly was the Prenatal Visits tool. Using this tool, I was able to keep track of important information from my doctor, but also keep a log of all of my questions I may have for him. This came in handy as it seemed like my “mom brain” would kick in every time he would finish the visit and ask if I had any questions. With the app, I was able to pull up that particular week’s visit and everything was right there. The app also allows you to add any extras tests or labs that were performed, which allowed me to keep track of my prenatal health without tons of papers and forms.

When it came time for baby to arrive, the app didn’t let me down. There’s a labor section that provides great information about labor stages, complete with a contraction timer and labor preferences worksheet. This was especially helpful to me as I wanted a more natural birth experience, and the app had all of my wishes readily available to be communicated with the medical staff. For first time moms, it can sometimes be a tough call to know if “this is it.” The app provides a lot of great information about false vs. real labor, which helps make things a clearer and potentially saving you an unnecessary trip to the hospital.

During this pregnancy, my nesting instincts kicked in around 20 weeks and I started to prepare. I’ve already stated my affinity for lists, and the lists in this app are ah-ma-zing! Because of the features in the app, I was able to keep track of things and prepare so much easier than in my first pregnancy. There is a list of to-do’s before going to the hospital, a list of what to pack for the hospital (even with things to include for siblings), and a list for what to pack in the diaper bag! This helped me feel more at ease knowing things were done ahead of time and allowed me to focus all of my attention on our new, baby girl.

The information and features in this app are the most comprehensive of any pregnancy app I’ve ever used. The app provides the most thorough information for expecting moms, new or veteran. Woman’s has done a phenomenal job at keeping the baby bumps of Baton Rouge educated and prepared. I would highly recommend this app to expecting moms everywhere!

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