Helpful Gifts for Loved Ones with Cancer

Helpful Gifts for Loved Ones with Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is hard. Patients often are overwhelmed by feelings of fear, anger, frustration, and confusion. Offering care and support is important! Cancer patients with strong emotional support tend to respond better to treatment and have a more positive outlook.

Caregivers, family and friends often want to provide meaningful support but are at a loss for what to say or do. There are a lot of different things someone can do to help a loved one who is battling cancer and/or going through treatment. Greeting cards and flowers can be a great way to brighten a patient’s day, but many people still want to do more.

Luckily, Woman’s Mom & Baby Boutique is here to provide a variety of items specifically for cancer patients.  The close proximity to the Breast & GYN Cancer Pavilion, located in Suite 101 of the Physician Office Building, is very convenient for patients and members of their support team.

Radiation Dermatitis is common and can be uncomfortable.  The Miaderm products offered are formulated to soothe, protect and moisturize the skin. The soap and cream (containing Calendula, Hyaluronate, Aqueous Cream, and Aloe Vera,) are recommended for use on the skin one week prior to treatment and for two weeks after treatment ends.  Miaderm-L  is recommended for patients who are experiencing discomfort from their radiation treatment  with fast-acting 4% Lidocaine HCI.

For post-surgery patients who would love the comfort of an extremely soft, functional bra, the boutique sells the Masthead Pink post-surgery bra with important details like a Velcro opening, sides, and shoulder straps.  There are also rings to guide the tubes for drains.

In addition, Brobe is a luxurious, cotton/spandex blend, recovery robe and bra set, which offers the similar functionality with drain pockets inside the robe, and Velcro closures.

Many patients receiving chemotherapy treatment suffer queasiness and nausea.  Ginger is well-known for its effectiveness in helping with these side-effects.  There are also a variety of mints and snacks, including drinks in the boutique.

The boutique also has a beautiful array of colorful knit caps that are great for patients dealing with hair loss due to treatment.

Of course, everyone is different and you know your loved one best. That said, if you’re looking for something particular or need assistance, the staff at Woman’s Mom & Baby Boutique is happy at help. Stop by and take a look at the many items we have available.