Custom Swim Molds: Everything You Need to Know

Custom Swim Molds: Everything You Need to Know

Summer is almost here! And for most families, splashing around in a pool or heading to the nearest beach to cool off in the water is a major part of the summer fun. But before you get too carried away, its important to find out how to properly protect your child’s ears prior to them enjoying time in the water. Swim ear plugs or swim molds are often a great solution.

Children who suffer from recurrent ear infections, such as swimmer’s ear, and/or who have ear tubes can benefit from ear plugs. Swim ear plugs work to keep the ear dry, preventing water that contains harmful bacteria from getting trapped in the ear and causing infection.

While there are one-size-fits-all options available, custom swim molds are higher in quality, more comfortable, and last longer than the earplugs you can purchase at your local pharmacy. Custom swim molds are available in a variety of colors and can be customized based on the child’s wishes. While pricier than other molds, custom molds are reusable and usually last for several months, up to one year or more, depending on the growth of your child. Custom swim molds can also be disinfected and cleaned, which promotes better hygiene.

What do I need to do to purchase swim molds for my child?

The audiologists on staff at the Woman’s Center for Wellness can assist you in properly fitting your child with custom swim molds. An impression will be taken of your child’s ears to ensure the best possible fit.  The swim molds can take up to 2 weeks to come in, so make sure you call early to schedule an appointment before those summer vacations are planned.

Please contact our Audiology department at the Woman’s Center for Wellness at 225-924-8450 to schedule an appointment today!