Chris Ciesielski Donor Spotlight

Chris Ciesielski Donor Spotlight

Chris Ciesielskiand is a longterm donor of  Foundation for Woman’s and currently serves as Chairman for the Foundation for Woman’s Board of Trustees. 

I’ve volunteered at Woman’s and been a donor for about 15 years. Early on, I recognized that Woman’s was a special place and creates a special bond with employees, patients, and the community at large. I quickly learned that Woman’s touches nearly every family in our community in some way.

Even though the Hospital touches so many families, many do not know all that Woman’s does “behind the scenes,” like running the Mammography coaches, caring for victims of sexual assault, and providing human donor milk for vulnerable infants whose mothers cannot provide their own. These are examples of programs that insurance does not cover, and for which Woman’s receives no reimbursement. So philanthropic support is so important, and it’s an honor to support these efforts. For that reason, I am also proud to be a leadership donor, and a Corporate Partner through my business, NFP Corporate Services (LA), Inc.

Today, I have found extra dedication to the Woman’s cause through my late friend Amy Counce. Amy’s dedication to Woman’s began when she lost her sister to ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, many years later, Amy was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and we lost her last year. I find extra energy and motivation to serve Woman’s from Amy’s spirit – I want to do all I can to continue her fight.

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