Birthing My Way at Woman’s – Lindsey Brou

Birthing My Way at Woman’s – Lindsey Brou

Everyone’s journey to parenthood is different from the next. What works for some, may not work for others. At Woman’s, we are proud to be a part of each unique journey. 

Lindsey and her partner Amber choose to go through the process of IVF and natural labor after deep consideration and personal evolvement. They are now a family of three with the addition of their beautiful baby girl Rowen. Lindsey’s birthing plan included extensive education. “If I could be in control of my body and have little to no intervention, then my mind would be able to handle the rest,” said Lindsey.

Why did you choose motherhood?

I always felt called to be a mother, even from a young age. Always felt that “nurturing” pull, and grew up babysitting many kids in my neighborhood. I always hoped I’d be able to get pregnant and was overjoyed when we finally had positive results from our IVF process.

Why did you choose Woman’s Hospital? Is there anything that made you feel specifically comfortable with choosing Woman’s Hospital and your OB?

We chose Woman’s because it felt like a no-brainer. We did our fertility treatment process at Fertility Answers located inside of Woman’s Physician Office Building and we knew how highly accredited the hospital is in general. I was specifically comfortable choosing our OB after what we went through with trying to get pregnant. Someone said if you want someone to hold your hand (physically and emotionally) through the whole thing, choose Dr. Ryan Dickerson. After meeting him once, I knew he was our guy — another no-brainer. I do feel like people are called to their personal obstetricians though. Somehow everyone seems to end up with someone they absolutely love at Woman’s Hospital. 

Why did you choose natural childbirth? 

I chose natural childbirth, not really knowing if I could at first. My partner, Amber, had heard from members at our gym who had experienced it and they swore by it. So Amber suggested I at least look into it. I’m not sure I really believed in myself initially. From what I understood, it could be an amazing experience to literally FEEL my body give birth. Although there is little complication these days with medicated birth, I was subconsciously afraid of being in that small percentage if I were to choose a medicated route. After studying course material on it, I learned that if I could be in control of my body and have little to no intervention, then my mind would be able to handle the rest. 

How was the birthing experience for you and your partner?

Getting pregnant for us required a good bit of mental growth and evolution, and I knew that it could be just as powerful as giving birth. One of the first things I remember Amber saying to me after Rowen was born was “You did it, babe!” It felt so good to feel like we had prepped for this as a team because we did. Every single night starting at around 22 weeks, we listened to meditation tracks preparing us for the process. We prepared together and it felt like we accomplished it together — the three of us. 

What do you hope that your daughter will learn from seeing such a strong relationship between her parents?

I hope our daughter will learn what it’s like to always be supportive and loyal to a fault to the ones she loves. We want her to grow up knowing what a healthy relationship looks like; one that is full of trust, honesty, compassion and love, and that those types of relationships can come in many forms. We are definitely a team and I hope she sees that while we are not perfect, we will always choose each other and her before anything else. 


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