What I’ve Learned from Nurses

What I’ve Learned from Nurses

Ed Halphen, Woman’s VP, Human Resources

When choosing where to work, everyone has a different set of values and unique reasons for selecting a place. Several things attracted me to Woman’s Hospital – its reputation for care, being an “Employer of Choice,” and its mission – but the most meaningful was my strong affection for the nursing profession.

My mom is a nurse.

Tommye Crooks Halphen

A 1958 graduate of the Charity Hospital Nursing program in New Orleans, she took great care for those under her watch, both at hospital and at home. I have always admired and appreciated how she cared for both her hospital patients and her patients at home. Though no longer working as an RN, Mom still has a wonderful combination of kindness, clinical knowledge and excellent “patient” care for her family.

Working at Woman’s has taught me that, though special to me, my Mom is what every nurse strives to be. Every day, I witness our nurses using their expertise to provide the same fantastic level of compassionate and excellent care. Your unwavering commitment to your profession and to the people entrusted in your care is an example for every profession to emulate. 

For Nurse’s Week, I want to say thank you for all you do for our patients and our hospital. Thank you for partnering with the entire team at Woman’s to make a difference in the lives of so many.