Please S.T.O.P. with the Pregnancy Acronyms

Let me just tell you…acronyms are totally O.O.C. on some of the pregnancy message boards that I like to frequent. That stands for “Out Of Control,” ICYDK. Oh, and that stands for “In Case You Didn’t Know,” you know…in case you didn’t know.

The problem with these pregnancy acronyms is that they’re just not intuitive at all. I guarantee you that every single woman who has used or currently uses pregnancy acronyms had to Google them. You would never know what these meant without looking them up first:

  • DH: Dear Husband
  • DF: Dear Fiancé
  • DD: Dear Daughter
  • FT: Full Time
  • FTM: First Time Mom
  • PP: Previous Poster

And don’t get me started on BFP (Big Fat Positive) and BFN (Big Fat Negative). As in a positive or negative pregnancy test. I just don’t understand how adding “big fat” as a descriptor for a pregnancy test result makes any sense.

So, I’ve made a pledge to myself and to my fellow moms-to-be to never use any acronyms when I post on message boards. Somebody started this madness, and we can end it. Join me!

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