Ode to a Celebrated Father

Ode to a Celebrated Father

In lieu of the traditional tie and beer paraphernalia, I want to send out a shout out to the dads as Father’s Day approaches. Fathers often get less applause, but often do just as much work.

For the men who, like my husband, give the kids a bath so I can have a 20- minute decompression time each day, who can fix any toy, piece of furniture, or car malfunction, and/or can teach math to a kindergartner with patience I only wish I had. For those who coach the team, play tickle monster, clean up the boo-boos, and cut the grass…I thank you.

I thank you for your mad grilling skills and for your stats on every sport. I also thank you for the times you had a tea party and had your nails painted. For the hundreds of other things I can’t even begin to write in this small space. Thank you.

I also want to thank those single moms that today you are celebrated, too. You go above and beyond to be both mom and dad.

So for the men/women out there on June 19, know that you are loved, respected, honored, and of course, celebrated.

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