Is Pelvic Floor Therapy Right for You?

“After three kids in four years, I didn’t know why, but I kept peeing on myself!  Going to physical therapy taught me how to do a proper Kegel, and the results were fast and good.  I even saw results at the gym with my regular workouts getting easier.  Other people noticed a reduction in my belly size.  This was well worth the effort and the physical therapist was awesome!  – Mary B. (35 yrs old, 3 kids)

When it comes to pelvic floor dysfunction, the symptoms can range from slightly embarrassing to debilitating. Do you find yourself searching for a public restroom when you just went 20 minutes ago?

Do you leak when you cough, sneeze, jump, or even laugh?

Do you suffer with frequent constipation?

Have you experienced severe pelvic pain, backaches, bowel problems or pain during intercourse?

Have you recently completed treatment for gynecologic cancer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, physical therapy may help! Let our physical therapists tell you about treatment options and exercises to help you gain control over your pelvic floor.

Treatment may include:

– Exercise incorporating pelvic floor and abdominal muscles

– Manual therapy for pelvic floor muscle relaxation

– Biofeedback or electrical stimulation to help improve pelvic floor control

– Bladder retraining to decrease trips to the bathroom

Evaluation and treatment is performed by therapists with specialized training in pelvic floor dysfunction.

Join the physical therapists at Woman’s Center for Wellness for a Pelvic Health seminar on Wednesday, September 26. For more information or to schedule a private consultation, please call 225-924-8709.